The Subscription Taster

The Subscription Taster

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Love the sound of Rare Birds Book Club but want to sample it first? Our subscription taster is exactly what you need - choose a past book club pick based on its blurb. The title stays a secret until it drops through your letterbox! 

How it works:

1. Read the two blurbs below and make your selection based on the one that sounds best to you. Every single blurb is a past book club pick from recent months, allowing you to truly get a flavour for the books we choose. 

2. The title and the author stay secret until it drops through your letterbox. Your book will come beautifully wrapped in our signature subscription packaging with the same reading guide our members get, introducing you to the book you're about to read. 

Each taster book is backed by our subscription promise: if you own the book already, we'll exchange it. 

The blurbs: 

Book A 

Hollywood 'It' girl must struggle to keep her reputation afloat in a white, male-dominated world. To do this, she must enlist the help of a millionaire playboy to orchestrate a fake romance to distract the paparazzi. A refreshing spin on the fake romance trope as you knew it.

Book B

Cast out from the royal court for her lack of beauty and femininity, our heroine is banished to an impoverished abbey and unexpectedly finds new purpose leading her sisters back to power and glory. It's a badass historical epic with a modern bent.

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