Meet Rosie: our member of the month!

Meet Rosie: our member of the month!

What’s your name?

Rosie Forster

Where do you live and what do you do

I live in Birmingham, and I’m a clinical scientist in the NHS

Best book you’ve read… don’t overthink it

I’d say the first book that really made an impression on me as a young adult was Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, so I’ll always consider it to be a favourite. It was the first book I ever read quotes in and felt like they encapsulated my feelings perfectly

What’s a book you pretend to have read but have never finished?

I don’t think there is one! I very rarely DNF a book even if I’m not at all enjoying it, and will always admit if I ended up doing so!

What’s better – the book or the movie?

I prefer to read the book first - if I watch the movie before reading the book, I find I can’t imagine the world in the book as vividly because all I can picture is the way it’s depicted in the movie. But there are some excellent movie adaptations and some not so good! It depends on the adaptation

Where do you read most often?

I love to get back into bed and curl up with a book in the afternoon at weekends

What do you struggle the most with when you’re reading?

Concentration for sure. I get quite easily distracted if there’s any background noise - I try to hide my phone so I don’t get distracted by notifications!

Most used emoji?


Favourite thing to do (when you’re not reading of course)

I love musicals and going to the theatre, and am also part of a musical theatre company. I’m looking forward to being able to go to the theatre and rehearse again when it’s safe to do so

What would your friends say about you?

I think they’d say I’m an anxious sort, but I’ve got a good sense of humour, and am incredibly loyal to them. I also like trying new things (although I don’t always stick with them!)

Describe yourself in three words

Supportive, reliable, enthusiastic

What’s something everyone should try at least once in their life?

I'm not hugely adventurous in life but I do love food...I think everyone should try a food that they don’t expect to like.

What’s on your nightstand?

Whatever book I’m reading at the moment

Why did you join Rare Birds?

Last year I set myself a goal to read at least two books a month - I’ve always loved reading but life tends to get in the way, and I wanted to make time for it again. I also find that I struggle to choose what to read because I just want to read all of the books! When lockdown hit, I wanted something to look forward to each month, and I came across Rare Birds and it looked right up my street!

Would you like to write a book? What would it be about?

I’m not sure. I used to write a lot as a child but haven’t had so much time as I’ve got older, and I feel like I’ve lost that creativity a bit - I’d love to get it back

What would be the title of your biography?

At Least I Tried.

Invent the title of a self help book you’d most benefit from reading

How to make yourself a morning person