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    Central Places
    Delia Cai
    Eyeliner: A Cultural History
    Zahra Hankir
    Jackie Collins
    Sisters of Sword and Shadow
    Laura Bates
    The Amber Fury
    Natalie Haynes
    A Demon's Guide to Wooing a Witch
    Sarah Hawley
    The Illuminated
    Anindita Ghose
    There Should Have Been Eight
    Nalini Singh
    Thirsty Animals
    Rachelle Atalla
    The Christmas Jigsaw Murders
    Alexandra Benedict
    Joe Nuthin's Guide to Life
    Helen Fisher
    Needless Alley
    Natalie Marlow
    A Power Unbound (The Last Binding #3)
    Freya Marske
    Bird Life
    Anna Smaill
    English Food: A People's History
    Diane Purkiss
    DallerGut Dream Department Store
    Miye Lee
    Caroline Hardaker
    The Island
    Katrine Engberg
    Do Your Worst
    Rosie Danan
    Poster Girl
    Veronica Roth
    Sarah Sprinz
    Genevieve Cogman
    The Temple of Fortuna (Wolf Den #3)
    Elodie Harper
    Iron Flame (The Empyrean #2)
    Rebecca Yarros
    The Darcy Myth : Jane Austen, Literary Heartthrobs, and the Monsters They Taught Us to Love
    Rachel Feder
    Auld Acquaintance
    Sofia Slater
    Good Material
    Dolly Alderton
    Are You Happy Now?
    Hanna Jameson
    Wreck the Halls
    Tessa Bailey
    Went to London, Took the Dog
    Nina Stibbe
    Mistletoe Malice
    Kathleen Farrell
    Mary : or, The Birth of Frankenstein
    Anne Eekhout
    On the Rooftop
    Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
    The Coiled Serpent
    Camilla Grudova
    Things We Lose in Waves
    Lucy Ayrton
    The Golden Mole : and Other Vanishing Treasure
    Katherine Rundell
    My Name is Barbra
    Rare Birds Books
    Check & Mate
    Ali Hazelwood
    The Future
    Naomi Alderman
    The Woman in Me
    Britney Spears
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