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    Powerful : Be the Expert in Your Own Life
    Maisie Hill
    The Mystery Writer
    Sulari Gentill
    Joyce Carol Oates
    Goddess of the River
    Vaishnavi Patel
    I Hope This Finds You Well
    Natalie Sue
    Bad Habit
    Alana S. Portero
    My First Book
    Honor Levy
    Good for a Girl : My Life Running in a Man's World
    Lauren Fleshman
    The High Seas : Ambition, Power and Greed on the Unclaimed Ocean
    Olive Heffernan
    Like Love
    Maggie Nelson
    Hey, Zoey
    Sarah Crossan
    Mrs Porter Calling
    AJ Pearce
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    A Little Art Education
    Lynn Barber
    Rebel Girl : My Life as a Feminist Punk
    Kathleen Hanna
    Allow Me to Introduce Myself
    Onyi Nwabineli
    Irresponsible Adult
    Lucy Dillon
    The Small Museum
    Jody Cooksley
    Aimee Walsh
    Monsters: A Fan's Dilemma
    Claire Dederer
    Looking Glass Sound
    Catriona Ward
    Ghost Girl, Banana
    Wiz Wharton
    The Wives of Halcyon
    Eirinie Lapidaki
    Real Americans
    Rachel Khong
    The Light Between Us
    Elaine Chiew
    Fifty Minutes
    Carla Jenkins
    All Fours
    Miranda July
    Lottie Mills
    The Ministry of Time
    Kaliane Bradley
    Everything You Need to Know About the Pill (but were too afraid to ask)
    Kate Muir
    Margaux Vialleron
    Flowers from the Void
    Gianni Washington
    Habitations : A Novel
    Sheila Sunder
    The Next Girl
    Emiko Jean
    Phoenicia Rogerson
    The Puzzle Wood
    Rosie Andrews
    Gone to Pieces
    Rachel Cosyns
    The Burnings
    Naomi Kelsey
    Tits Up : What Our Beliefs About Breasts Reveal About Life, Love, Sex and Society
    Sarah Thornton
    Emily Perkins
    Fair Rosaline
    Natasha Solomons
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