That's one Rare Bird: Introducing Jenna

That's one Rare Bird: Introducing Jenna

I'm not bragging here but, our members are the coolest. Rare Birds has a community of smart, funny and interesting women reading along with us each month and I couldn't be more excited about introducing them to you.
If you've ever wondered just who's in the club, wonder no more. We've got a whole series of interviews lined up to help you get to know some of the amazing people who make up Rare Birds Book Club.
First up: Jenna.
Jenna is one of the OG subscribers - I'm talking one of the first ten. You might already know her from our forum, and though she "reads slowly" (her words!) she's known to pop up before she's actually finished reading, sometimes accidentally taking in spoilers as she goes. We might call her a reading rebel (or we might not...)
Enough from me - here's our subscriber Jenna in her own words

What’s your name

My name is Jenna

Where do you live and what do you "do"

I live in London and I work in television

Best book you’ve read… don’t overthink it

For fiction probably Something Borrowed. I also liked The Fault In Our Stars. That’s the only book I ever cried with. More recently it would be Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love

What's a book you pretend to have read but have never finished?

All of the Harry Potters after book three. I just couldn’t get through book four… it was too long. *&^$ that book

What’s better - the book or the movie?

The book. Unless Zac Efron’s in the movie….

Where do you read most often?

In bed

What do you struggle the most with when you're reading?

When you finish a chapter and you realise you don’t know what happened because you weren’t paying attention.

Most used emoji?

Currently at the moment? The crying laughing emoji. But my favourite is the one hand shrug, the sassy one.

Favourite thing to do (when you’re not reading of course)

Stalk my work crush on social media [editor's note: she insists 'that was a joke']

What would your friends say about you?

That I always have a good story

Describe yourself in three words

Sensitive, Funny, Curious

What’s something everyone should try at least once in their life?

Travelling alone

What’s on your nightstand?

Box of tissues. A lamp. My current read. Glass of water. Lip balm. And usually my phone

Why did you join Rare Birds?

Because a psychic told me a book was going to bring me and my future husband together so I thought I should start reading more.

Would you like to write a book? What would it be about?

Yes. I’m a person that weird things happen to so it would probably be a series of essays about the ridiculous things that have happened in my life.

What would be the title of your biography?

Is This Real Life?

Invent the title of a self help book you’d most benefit from reading

How to Stop Stalking Your Work Crush On Social Media and Talk to Him In Real Life
How to be A Morning Person
Want to join the fun? If you're not a subscriber yet, you can be. I'll just leave this link here...