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    Extraordinary Insects
    Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
    Europa28: Writing by Women on the Future of Europe
    Asja Bakic, Zsofia Ban, Annelies Beck
    Dancing on Ropes: Translators and the Balance of History
    Anna Aslanyan
    Curriculum Vitae
    Muriel Spark
    Closing the Influence Gap
    Carla Miller
    What About Men?
    Caitlin Moran
    An Admirable Point: A Brief History of the Exclamation Mark!
    Florence Hazrat
    Wild Hope
    Marisa Bate
    Dr Sophie Mort
    How (Not) To Be Strong
    Alex Scott
    Smart Sex
    Dr. Emily Moore
    No Comment: What I Wish I'd Known About Becoming A Detective
    Jess McDonald
    Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women
    Louise Minchin
    All The Houses I've Ever Lived In: Finding Home in a System that Fails Us
    Kieran Yates
    How To Save Money
    Ann Russell
    Gin & Phonics : My Journey Through Middle-Class Motherhood
    Clara Batten
    The Forgotten Girls: An American Story
    Monica Potts
    BFF?: The truth about female friendship
    Claire Cohen
    Sold Out
    The Elements : A Widowhood (HB)
    Kat Lister
    Hostile Environment : How Immigrants Became Scapegoats
    Maya Goodfellow
    Feminism or Death: How the Women's Movement Can Save the Planet
    Francoise d'Eaubonne
    Bittersweet: How to Turn Sorrow Into Creativity, Beauty and Love
    Susan Cain
    Elizabeth Gaskell
    Jenny Uglow
    I Was Told There'd Be Cake
    Sloane Crosley
    Karachi Vice : Life and Death in a Contested City
    Samira Shackle
    Jessica Ennis : Unbelievable - From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold
    Jessica Ennis
    After the Storm: Postnatal Depression and the Utter Weirdness of New Motherhood
    Emma Jane Unsworth
    Holding Tight, Letting Go : My Life, Death and All the Madness In Between
    Sarah Hughes
    Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More and Live Bolder
    Reshma Saujani
    In the Shadow of Vesuvius : A Life of Pliny
    Daisy Dunn
    Cook This Book
    Molly Baz
    Bloody Brilliant People: The Couples and Partnerships That History Forgot
    Cathy Newman
    Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, recipes and stories.
    Nigella Lawson
    Did I Say That Out Loud?
    Fi Glover, Jane Garvey
    A Spell in the Wild
    Alice Tarbuck
    Jog On
    Bella Mackie
    Grown : The Black Girls' Guide to Glowing Up
    Melissa Cummings-Quarry, Natalie A. Carter
    I Am Not Your Baby Mother
    Candice Brathwaite
    Diamonds at the Lost and Found: A Memoir in Search of My Mother
    Sarah Aspinall
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