Women's Prize for Fiction - Long List 2024

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    The Maiden
    Kate Foster
    River East, River West
    Aube Rey Lescure
    8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster
    Mirnae Lee
    Soldier Sailor
    Claire Kilroy
    Brotherless Night
    V.V. Ganeshananthan
    Enter Ghost
    Isabella Hammad
    Western Lane
    Chetna Maroo
    The Wren, The Wren
    Anne Enright
    Restless Dolly Maunder
    Kate Grenville
    In Defence of the Act
    Effie Black
    Ordinary Human Failings
    Megan Nolan
    Peace Adzo Medie
    A Trace of Sun
    Pam Williams
    And Then She Fell
    Alicia Elliott
    The Blue, Beautiful World
    Karen Lord
    Maya Binyam
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