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    Girls Just Wanna Have Funds : A Feminist Guide to Investing
    Camilla Falkenberg, Emma Due Bitz, Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen
    Against White Feminism
    Rafia Zakaria
    Islands of Abandonment : Life in the Post-Human Landscape
    Cal Flyn
    The Soul of a Woman
    Isabel Allende
    A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of Virginia Hall, WWII's Most Dangerous Spy
    Sonia Purnell
    Feminisms: A Global History
    Lucy Delap
    Wine Girl : A sommelier's tale of making it in the toxic world of fine dining
    Victoria James
    The Greatest Invention : A History of the World in Nine Mysterious Scripts
    Silvia Ferrara
    Fried Eggs and Rioja: What to Drink with Absolutely Everything
    Victoria Moore
    The Virago Book Of Women Travellers
    Mary Morris
    I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou’s Autobiography #1)
    Maya Angelou
    A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
    Mary Wollstonecraft
    Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News
    Emily Maitlis
    We Have Always Been Here
    Samra Habib
    All That Remains: A Life in Death
    Sue Black
    A Seat at the Table : Interviews with Women on the Frontline of Music
    Amy Raphael
    The Hard Road Out : One Woman's Escape from North Korea
    Jihyun Park
    Diary of a Tuscan Bookshop
    Alba Donati
    How to Live When You Could Be Dead
    Deborah James
    Aja Barber
    Burning Questions: Essays and Occasional Pieces 2004-2021
    Margaret Atwood
    Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life
    Anne Lamott
    Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister
    Jung Chang
    I Am An Island
    Tamsin Calidas
    How to Be Animal : What it Means to Be Human
    Melanie Challenger
    Buried: An alternative history of the first millennium in Britain
    Alice Roberts
    What Just Happened?! : Dispatches from Turbulent Times
    Marina Hyde
    Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen
    Erin French
    Dear Senthuran: A Black spirit memoir
    Akwaeke Emezi
    In the Margins
    Elena Ferrante
    Daring Greatly
    Brene Brown
    In Black and White
    Alexandra Wilson
    In the Dream House
    Carmen Maria Machado
    How to Come Alive Again
    Beth McColl
    Getting Lost
    Annie Ernaux
    Takeaway : Stories from a childhood behind the counter
    Angela Hui
    H is for Hawk
    Helen Macdonald
    A Woman's Game: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Women's Football
    Suzanne Wrack
    My Rock 'n' Roll Friend
    Tracey Thorn
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