Constellations of Eve

Constellations of Eve

Constellations of Eve

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Eve is a reluctant mother; Eve is a famous phenomenon; Eve is a quiet country teacher.

Liam is a successful artist; Liam is a scheming husband; Liam is a gentle partner.

Pari is a leading scientific researcher; Pari is a recognized model; Pari is a picture of declining mental states.

Constellations of Eve weaves together three deviations of one love story. In each variation, the narrative changes slightly, with life-altering impacts. Each reality allows Eve another chance at finding her true destiny and personal and professional fulfilment – but can she get it right? Is there even such a thing as right?

Against a backdrop of difficult people finding their place in a constantly shifting universe, the novel manipulates the variables leading to their fraught romantic entanglements, tearing through a host of lifetimes in search of the one in which all the brightest stars align. In this philosophical fable of art and fate, Abbigail Nguyen Rosewood paints a world that floats above our own and contours the infinitesimal moments that shape who we love, over whom we obsess, and how we decide what to live for.

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