Dark Tides (Fairmile #2)

Dark Tides (Fairmile

Dark Tides (Fairmile #2)

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Number One bestselling author Philippa Gregory's new historical novel tracks the rise of the Tidelands family in London, Venice and New England.

Midsummer Eve, 1670. A turbulent time to seek the truth. . .

A wealthy man waits outside a poor London warehouse to meet with Alinor, the woman he failed twenty-one years before.

He has everything to offer: money, land, status. He believes she has the only thing he cannot buy: his son and heir. Meanwhile in New England, Alinor's brother Ned cannot find justice in the New World, as the King's revenge stretches across the Atlantic and turns the pioneers against each other and against the American Indians.

Then, a beautiful widow, Livia, arrives from Venice. She claims Alinor as her mother-in-law and has come with the news that Alinor's son Rob has drowned in the dark tides of the lagoon. But is this true or could this woman be an imposter . . . ?

From London to New England and Venice, the dark tides always rise, and with them come secrets and enemies. . .

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