Dial A For Aunties (Aunties #1)

Dial A For Aunties (Aunties

Dial A For Aunties (Aunties #1)

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Your family would kill to see you happy.

'Are you. . . dead?' Oh my god. I think he is.'

When Meddy Chan accidentally kills her blind date, she turns to her aunties for help. Their meddling set her up on the date so they kind of owe her.

'Well, that didn't go quite to plan.'

Although hiding this goddamn dead body is going to be harder than they thought especially when her family's wedding business has THE biggest wedding of the year happening right now.

'It's pretty bad timing actually.'

It turns out the wedding venue just happens to be managed by Meddy's ex, aka the one who got away.

It's the worst time to see him again, or. . . is it? Can Meddy finally find love and make her overbearing family happy? 

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