Finding Your Self at the Heartbreak Hotel

Finding Your Self at the Heartbreak Hotel

Finding Your Self at the Heartbreak Hotel

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You can't move past the breakup. You feel stuck in cycles of rumination and pain. This helpful guide provides brand-new therapeutic tools to revolutionise the way we overcome loss, and seek and welcome love, within and outside of ourselves.

We know heartbreaks are inevitable. We also know that somehow it is within our power to break free of the suffering and transform pain into meaning. Yet, somewhere between the sad songs, the late-night fixations, and the social media stalking, we get lost.

Alice Haddon, psychologist of over twenty-five years, and Ruth Field, bestselling self-help author, show us how we can dissect heartbreaks, mine them for strength and live our most empowered life. They also examine how society sets up women to fall into love traps and engage bad habits of self-sacrificing and enabling. With Alice and Ruth's help, those patterns end forever.

Bursting with compassion, humour and courage, this book will take you into the actual exercises conducted at the retreat that they run. It will teach you how to: face your deepest hurt without shame or judgment ask for help and lean on the collective be kind and forgiving to yourself turn your heartbreak into love and pride.

Providing you with a clear pathway to recovery, Alice and Ruth draw on their wealth of professional and personal experience to help you.

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