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It's the 22nd of December and siblings Henry, Kate and Martin have converged with their spouses on Henry's house in upstate New York. This is their first Christmas since their mother passed. Without her once ever-present advice and gentle nudges to connect with each other when they need it most, they've grown distant.

Over the course of the next three days, old resentments and instabilities arise as the siblings, with a gaggle of children afoot, attempt to perform familiar rituals while also trying to decide what to do with their sole inheritance, their mother's house.

As each tries and fails and tries again to figure out how to reconcile their various needs and impulses around the house, they must also see whether they can and will remain a family without their matriarch.

They are all feeling the strain but when a local child goes missing they are forced to come together, and all of them will cross a line.

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