Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

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A dazzling 'tell-most' memoir: poignant and laugh-out-loud funny scenes from the life of actor Minnie Driver.

I love stories. I have mostly told other people's but now, in telling my own, I realize how all our stories are connected by that great leveller of acclaim, loss, fortitude, and fortune: being human. When I look at my life from the alleged halfway point, some patterns are revealed: one, that the story does not necessarily begin or end where it should; two, happy endings are overrated.

And three, happy endings are almost never the end. This book is memoir-ish. A tell-most.

Largely because there's a lot I don't remember, and a lot that's not worth talking about. So, this is a collection of stories about how things not working out - worked out in the end. How reaching for the dream is easily more interesting, expansive, sad and funny than the dream itself coming true.

I really hope you enjoy it. Love, Minnie x


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