Notes from a Small Kitchen Island

Notes from a Small Kitchen Island

Notes from a Small Kitchen Island

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Debora Robertson, home cook and renowned food writer, tells how, from the least promising of culinary starts, she learned to love cooking and transformed her cosy kitchen into the beating heart of her home.

Through her stories and recipes, she will whisk you away to hot summers in Languedoc and balmy weeknights in London, revealing the life-changing dishes that made her. Bound together with life- and dinner-saving lessons, Debora has written the essential kitchen companion for every home cook. From the tastes of Debora's childhood to the recipes she discovered on her travels, to the food she cooks every day:

* Leek and ham hock steamed pudding* Slow roast lamb with Durham salad

* Meemaw's Texan margarita pie

* The best recipe for roast chicken

* Delicious plum cake

Debora will take you by the hand and tell you everything you'll ever need to know about cooking food you'll love time and time again.

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