The Dating Equation

The Dating Equation

The Dating Equation

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2 best friends. 1 perfect match. 

Could you solve the equation for love if you’ve never had it yourself?

Twenty-six-year-old Penny Webber has never had a boyfriend, but she’s about to launch a new dating app with her best friend, Rory, designed to make dating less shallow. What could possibly go wrong?

As soon as LEVEL launches, it’s an immediate hit. Challenged by her team, but discouraged by Rory, she hits download on her very own app to prove a point. Alongside dating, she juggles her brother's wedding plans, mediating between divorced parents and supporting her flatmate through heartbreak. All while navigating her increasingly complicated partnership with Rory…

As LEVEL sends her further down a rocky path of failed dates, Penny’s faith in her ability to help others find love falters.
But what if Penny is wrong about her ability to crack the equation for love? What if, all this time, it’s been where she least expected it?

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