The Upgrade
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Discover the incredible possibilities of the female brain in midlife, redefine the menopause and access your most vital, confident and wise phase yet.

Midlife doesn't have to mean crisis, chaos or confusion. Packed full of real-life examples, accessible scientific studies and practical advice, The Upgrade shows you how to access power, clarity and a profound sense of purpose during the second half of your life.

Bestselling author and clinical professor of psychiatry Dr. Louann Brizendine dives deep into how the female brain changes for the better during midlife. She reframes the patriarchal term 'menopause', explores cutting-edge scientific research and debunks myths and misinformation to create a revolutionary new framework for this life stage. She defines The Upgrade as 'the phase of life we emerge into when we exit the hormonal "war zone" and are finally able to see and be present to who we are, what we want and how we want to live.'

You'll discover how to:

  • find freedom and self-confidence with your neurobiology, explained in an approachable way
  • see your hormones as a positive influence on your cognition, memory and mood
  • protect yourself from dementia and increase longevity and wellbeing
  • change the conversation in culture about midlife and, more importantly, change the conversation in your own head to reclaim this time in your life

The Upgrade will support you in shedding the skin of the past, and help you to embrace and step purposefully into a more authentic powerful version of YOU, full of wisdom, stability and courage.

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