The Witch's Daughter

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The Witch's Daughter

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A city in flames. A revolution raging. A woman on the run.

Nadezhda has never wanted to be a witch. But the occult is in her blood. Her mother, Militza, conjured Rasputin and introduced him into the Romanov court, releasing the devil himself. Now he is dead but Militza still dreams of him as he stalks her sleep and haunts her waking hours. As Petrograd burns and the Russian Empire crumbles, Nadezhda escapes through the corpse-laden streets of the capital, concealing on her person a book of generational magic. Magic she once described as foolishness.

But as danger grows ever closer, she may be forced to embrace her heritage to save what she loves most. Based on a true story, The Witch's Daughter is an epic tale of women rising from the ashes of an empire, perfect for fans of Elodie Harper's The Wolf Den and Madeline Miller's Circe.

In The Witches of St Petersburg, we met Grand Duchesses Militza and her sister Anastasia, queens of the Dark Arts. This is Nadezhda's story.

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